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In today’s fast paced world people are constantly busy resulting in occupied minds and stress. Often there is no time to listen to the needs of the own body and soul. The effects of stress and negligence of the own needs commonly lead to discomfort, unhappiness and health problems. I have two perfect solutions for you:




It has been practiced in many different cultures since thousands of years. There are a variety of concepts and types of meditation.

It is important to consciously take the time to meditate, allowing ourselves to relax, calm the mind and listen into our body. Thereby we ensure tranquility and the possibility to balance our body and mind, rejuvenate and restore well-being. Meditation creates positive energy. Because of it relaxing effect, meditating is well suited for falling asleep. Additionally, meditation is an effective tool to fight fear and nervousness. 

Furthermore, with regular meditation you can improve the own creativity, inspiration and intuition. 

It is important, however, to find the right kind of meditation that suits the own preferences and needs. 



Breathing is not only an essential part of meditation, but a vital element of our health and well-being. Many of us develop wrong breathing habits and nobody intentionally pays attention to the own breathing in everyday life. Meditative breathing exercises with a conscious slow breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which releases tension in the body and slows elevated heart and breathing rates. Therefore, breathing exercises benefit relaxation as well as falling asleep. In addition, breathing exercises increase the oxygen level, which increases the energy circulation in the body.


It is a proven scientific fact that meditation and breathing exercise support the healing of medical conditions, promote body balance and well-being as well as aid prevention of health problems.


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