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Emotional Release

Throughout our lives we all experience some kinds of emotional problems in a more or less severe way. After emotional or extremely stressful events people often go through physical, mental and spiritual changes. These events might be the loss of a loved one, divorce, bad childhood experiences, abuse, experience of or exposure to violence, accidents, disease or work related stress. Emotional release from the parents or ex-partner are often applied.


By experiencing such events the body switches to a survival mode or defensive mechanism. The emotions are stored unresolved and the body thinks it is still happening. Most of the time this storage is unconsciously. The result however is, that people get sick or depressed and feel unhappy. Mainly people are unaware of the cause of their illness, depression, anxiety or sleep problems.

The survival mode or defensive mechanism of the body affects the sympathetic nervous system, causing tension as well as increased heart and breathing rates.


This is where the method of emotional release can help. It consists of two integrated parts, whereas the first is breathing. Conscious slow breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which releases tension in the body and slows elevated heart and breathing rates. It also increases the energy circulation in the body.


The second part is based on the technique of Chi Nei Tsang, an abdominal healing massage for internal organs, which was developed in ancient China by a Taoist monk. It is performed by stimulating the Hara area. Hara is the Japanese terminology for the vital energy center located in the abdomen. This area is also referred to as second brain or enteric brain, due to a bundle of nerves, similar to those of the central nervous system, which exists in the digestive tract. Taking this into consideration, the term “gut feeling” takes a whole new meaning. Hara consists of several energy centers, each of them storing specific emotions. Through stimulation of these center points stored emotions as well as energy can be released. This release helps the body to get out of survival mode. It enables the restoring of the natural functions of the body and health of the person.


Emotional release combines breathing and Chi Nei Tsang techniques into an effective balancing system.

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