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Qi describes the invisible force of the universe as mentioned in I Ching, the book of changes. It can hence be translated as the life energy that flows through everything in the universe. No life could exist without Qi (energy).

The environment contains, stores and transmits energy as well. Therefore, buildings, our living space and workspace also have certain energies. These energies can be good or bad. Qi can be compared to a WiFi signal. A bad WiFi signal is like a blockage, which brings about obstacles and problems, whereas a good wifi signal opens up a variety of opportunities and enables us to achieve our goals.  


In general, a free flow of positive energy in our environment is the basis for health, well-being, happiness and success. However, over time negative energies can accumulate in our home and workspace. This negativity has a direct influence on our physical, emotional and mental condition. In work settings, it can also affect or reduce performance and productivity. 

Sometimes you can literally feel energy blockages or negativity surrounding you at home or at work. Other times however, you just don’t feel right without knowing the exact reason. Nothing works out the way you want to and you constantly face challenges and problems. The reason might also be accumulated negative energies in our environment. 

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This is where the Environmental Energy Balance comes into play. Buildings and spaces, your home, your workplace can be cleared from these accumulated negative energies. Subsequently, a free, healthy energy circulation can be restored again.

This energy balancing will bring harmony and happiness into your home and create a healthy living space for you and your family. For businesses and work environments this energy clearing can enhance performance, productivity, good team work, better decision making ability as well as the chance for success.  

The Environmental Energy Balance is performed at the location – home or work – directly, where energy blockages are detected and removed. The applied methods for energy clearing are based on ancient folk wisdom and utilize certain metaphysical and shamanic techniques.


Optimal balance and well-being can only be achieved in a positive environment. The same applies to the productivity and success of businesses. Therefore, a regular energetic clearing of your home and workspace is advised for optimal and sustainable results. 

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