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Stress Management

STRESS! Well, I don't have to explain the meaning of that. We all experience stress one way or another and more or less frequently. In our modern society of today, stress is probably the number one cause of disease. Do you know anybody who isn't stressed these days?

People get stressed from any aspect of life, such as job & career, relationships, parenting, school and studies, social pressure or just by doing too many things at the same time. 

A certain amount of stress can actually be healthy, but if the stress level becomes too high or permanent, it has a negative effect on our health. It can lead to commonly known stress symptoms or health conditions like high blood pressure, heart attacks, anxiety, headaches, tension, sleeping problems, depression, burn-out syndrome and many more. 


So, we all get stressed and we all suffer from the effects stress has on our life and health. But here is the good news: We can do something about it!


There are many different stress management techniques that help reduce stress or even prevent it. These include meditation, Qi Gong, breathing and relaxation techniques, massage, energy balancing, regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet. My stress management plan consists of a combination of these methods. With this kind of therapy I teach clients the according stress management techniques and stress management skills. The right stress management techniques and strategies are also of great importance to students. 

Especially on the job we often experience stress or excessive demands. Therefore, stress management at the workplace is very important. I offer stress management courses or coaching for businesses, where I give employees  effective stress management tips and teach them the ability to cope with and prevent stress.


We won't be able to erase stress from our lives, but we can learn to relieve, reduce and prevent it. Stress management skills are an important tool for all of us.


Get active, take charge of your own life and well-being - start stress management today!

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