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Shamanic Therapy

Shamanism commonly describes the spiritual practices and rituals of Shamans. It is based on the experiences of many generations and the healing powers of nature and the elements. Shamanism exists in many different cultures, such as the Native Indians of North and South America, the Aborigines of Australia, as well as Asian, African and Siberian cultures. The word shamanism originates from Siberia and means to work with heat and fire. Hence many shamanic techniques include the work with fire.

The theory behind shamanic therapy is that illness and disease are the result of disharmony between the human being, nature and the universe. The goal is to restore balance.

The exact definition of shamanism is a very confusing and controversial subject. It comprises a healing method as well as a belief system and spirituality. The lines between those are often intertwined, leading to misconceptions about the terminology.


In 1980 the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized shamanic healing as a treatment for psychosomatic illnesses.


In my therapy I use a variety of shamanic techniques such as Native Indian rattles, drums, fire stick and candles to facilitate the restoration or maintenance of balance and well-being. Accumulated negative energies are removed and replaced with positive, healthy and happy energy. The shamanic journey is another instrument, often used. Shamanism is a tool to restore balance of the client with nature, the universe and the higher being. Self-love and self-forgiveness are essential elements of the therapy.

Environmental Energy Balance


Not only our body, but also our environment, our living space and workspace, can contain negative energies. This negativity in our home or work facilities has a direct influence on our physical, emotional and mental condition. Like our body, buildings and spaces can be cleaned from negative energy as well. Optimal well-being and balance can only be achieved in a positive environment. Therefore, a regular energetic cleaning of our home and workspace is advised. 

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