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What exactly is holistic body balance and what does holistic actually mean?


Holistic is based on the theory that the whole is always the sum of its parts and that a part can only be truly understood in the context of the whole. Therefore, holistic body balance considers the whole person; body, mind and soul. The long-term goal is hereby the achievement of balance of the whole person and the prevention of future health problems.

The holistic approach views each person as an individual. Holistic body balance does not use a “one fits all” version to people’s well-being, but rather looks for individualized treatments that help achieve the optimal well-being of the client.


In my application of holistic body balance I use a combination of various treatments, including energy therapy and other Asian treatment methods, wellness-massage, Qi Shiatsu, Kinesio Taping, emotional release, meditation and Qi Gong. The treatments are geared toward the individual’s needs and consider all aspects of the person’s life; physical condition, mental and emotional well-being, spiritual beliefs and values.


Education and active participation of the client in the treatment process form an essential aspect of holistic body balance. Thereby, the client receives the responsibility for his/her own level of well-being. An optimal body balance is the result of a healthy and balanced life style. My task consists of accompanying my clients as holistic life coach and guide and support them on their path to a healthy, balanced and happy self. 

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