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Qi describes the vital force of the universe as mentioned in I Ching, the book of changes. It can hence be translated as the life energy that flows through everything in the universe. No life could exist without Qi (energy).

In traditional Chinese medicine energy blockages in the body are considered the cause of illnesses and health problems. Balance and a functional energy flow in the body are therefore the basis of health and well-being.


Energy Balancing is a therapy to reinstate an optimal energy level and flow and support the maintenance of well-being. The first step of Energy Balancing is to scan the energy field of the client to detect disharmonies and blockages. By applying certain therapies and exercises, accumulated negative energy is removed and blockages are released. A free flow of energy in the body is restored and new, positive, healthy energy is refilled. This stimulates the self-healing powers of the body. Energy Balancing consists of a combination of different therapies and techniques, such as Qi Gong, chakra balancing, Tibetan bowl therapy and crystal therapy.


Qi Gong

More information about Qi Gong can be found in the separate Qi Gong section of this website.




Chakra Balancing

The word “Chakra” is Sanskrit, meaning “wheel” or “turning”. Chakras are main energy centers in the body and focal points for the reception and transmission of energies. Due to the resonance of the same frequency the single Chakras are connected to certain organs, glands and other body parts. They are also associated with emotional and spiritual aspects, as well as color vibration frequencies. There are seven main Chakras, which are located along the spinal column at major branches of the nervous system.


  1. Muladhara                             Root Chakra                              red           

  2. Svadhisthana                        Sacral Chakra                           orange

  3. Manipura                               Solar plexus Chakra                 yellow

  4. Anahata                                 Heart Chakra                            green

  5. Vishuddha                             Throat Chakra                           blue

  6. Ajna                                       Third Eye Chakra                      violet

  7. Sahasrara                              Crown Chakra                           light violet/white


The seven Chakras have a direct association with the colors listed above. Our main source of energy is the sun. The sunlight consists of seven color energies: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. This color spectrum becomes visible by holding a prism towards the sun. Each color of the visible light has a distinct wavelength and vibration frequency. Red has the longest wavelength and slowest frequency, whereas violet has the shortest wavelength and the fastest frequency. Our physical body, emotions and soul are affected differently by the diverse colors and frequencies. If a Chakra center is out of balance it is overactive, underactive or blocked, resulting in various physical, emotional or spiritual problems for our body.

Chakra Balancing employs a variety of techniques to open and balance the Chakras to ensure a healthy energy flow in the body and restore optimal well-being. 


Tibetan Bowl Therapy

Not only light and colors, but also sound and tones possess different frequencies. Therefore, sounds have effects on our body as well. Using Tibetan singing bowls, energy blockages in the body can be released and the energy flow can be stimulated. Depending on size and thickness, the metal bowls produce different tones, whose vibrations have a therapeutic effect on the body. Additionally, the pleasant sound of the bowls has a calming and relaxing effect on body and mind.


Crystal Therapy

Crystals form and grow in the crust of the earth. They carry and store certain energy vibrations or frequencies. Crystals are referred to as receiver and transmitter of energy.

Crystal therapy is known in many cultures in Asia, Egypt and among the Native Indians of North and South America. In the therapy crystals are used as treatment tools to absorb, diffuse, direct and increase energy. The crystals are often applied on the Chakra centers in the body to remove blockages and restore a healthy free flowing energy.


Energy Balancing is often used and intertwined with other therapies and techniques, which corresponds to an energy balance coaching. Thus, the client receives a holistic treatment for an optimal outcome.


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