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Qi Shiatsu

Our body has an invisible frame of energy, called Qi or Chi, or Ki. No life could exist without Qi.


You can begin to feel the flow of Qi when you consciously connect with it. When the therapist is synchronized with the client’s energy, he is able to help facilitate and redirect the flow of Qi to specific problem areas within the client’s body. The therapist becomes the “instrument”, allowing energies to flow, balance and align. During the treatment energy disharmonies or blockages are resolved and a balanced Qi flow is restored. I employ many therapeutic methods, including one I developed called Qi Shiatsu. This technique has proven effective in helping improve numerous conditions and support the healing process.


The Qi Shiatsu treatment is a combination of Qi Gong and traditional Shiatsu therapy.                        

Qi Gong originated from ancient Chinese medicine about 5000 years ago. Qi translated as vital energy. The word Gong means work, exercise and practice. Qi Gong therefore describes exercise using a person’s vital energy to maintain good health and well-being.

Many people are familiar with Qi Gong as personal exercise for relaxation, balance and rejuvenation. In Asia, it has been used as medical therapy for thousands of years. In recent years, it has also gained increased recognition in western countries. Qi Gong is used as therapy by transmitting Qi to blocked areas, which releases any Qi stagnation. For an effective treatment, the therapist should be balanced and possess a strong developed Qi (energy).


The Japanese word Shiatsu means finger pressure. The Shiatsu massage developed from Doin Ankyo, a medical treatment method in ancient China. Doin describes a technique of balancing the Qi flow in the body, using exercises such as Qi Gong or Tai Chi. Ankyo is a combination of the words anmo (massage) and kyosei (manipulation). It describes the stimulation of Qi flow through manual massage therapy.

The Japanese Shiatsu massage uses a steady pressure and hand contact on the client’s body to feel the meridians and Qi flow. Many people think that Shiatsu can only be effective through hard pressure on particular acu-points. I believe that a gentle touch with the transmission of Qi achieves better results. Another common misconception is that Shiatsu is just a simple pressing of acu-points, but there are actually a lot more techniques involved. As Shiatsu is a Qi massage, the main goal is to remove stagnation of Qi to balance the body through manual therapy.


The combination of Qi Gong and Shiatsu in Qi Shiatsu has proven as a very effective treatment.

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