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Qi Gong
Qi Gong

Qi Gong (also Chi Gong) is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical exercise, breathing techniques and focused intention. Its history dates back about 5000 years.

Qi Gong originated for healing and health preservation purposes.                                                                          

I Ching, the book of changes, first mentions Qi as the vital force of the universe. Qi can therefore be translated as the life energy that flows through everything in the universe. Gong means work or practice. Accordingly Qi Gong is the practice of cultivating Qi (energy).


There are five major traditions of Qi Gong: Martial Arts, Medical, Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian. They share various schools among them.


Martial Arts:            Qi Gong is used for self-defense to protect the body from attacks

                               and to deliver fatal Qi to the opponent.

Medical:                Qi Gong healing is applied by a medical practitioner to cure illness and                                        maintain health. Qi is used for diagnosis and healing.

                               Qi Gong emphasizes the free flow and balance of Qi in the body.

Taoist:                    Qi Gong is performed for preservation of health and high virtue.

                              The end result is longevity.

Buddhist:               Qi Gong liberates the mind and leads to enlightening wisdom. The

                              human body is the tool to reach enlightenment.

Confucian:             Qi Gong promotes the achievement of a high level of moral and



A wide variety of Qi Gong practices exist today. Qi Gong exercises are performed to maintain health, heal the body, calm the mind and increase vitality. It harnesses the universal energy. Through Qi Gong exercise you can actually feel Qi (energy). The slow repetitive movements create mini energy fields, for example between the hands.


Health benefits of Qi Gong include strengthening of blood circulation and immune system, improvement of digestion, reduction of high blood pressure, stress relief, longevity, enhancement of muscle endurance and increase of vitality. Qi Gong relaxation exercises are also very common. The practice of Qi Gong has a self-healing effect.


Throughout history many Chinese medicine physicians were also Qi Gong masters. Qi Gong healing is a powerful system of energy medicine from China. The practitioner uses natural energy fields for treatment purposes. It requires exercise to increase the sensitivity of the practitioner to energy fields and accordingly the efficiency of the treatment.

The Qi Gong treatment is mainly performed on the dressed client at a distance from the body without physical manipulation of the body. It is used to open energy blockages and increase energy flow in the body, which initiates a self-healing effect. 

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