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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese internal martial art that was originally developed for self-defense. The history of Tai Chi is full of contradictions. Therefore it is hard to tell when it exactly originated. The first real documentation is from Chang San Feng in the 13th century, but the roots probably date back much further.

The translation of Tai Chi is quite challenging, as it is a term from Chinese philosophy.  However, it means as much as the “grand ultimate”, referring to the Chinese concept of the origin of the universe. It is based on the principle of the dynamic duality of Yin and Yang.


There are five traditional schools of Tai Chi – Chen, Yang, Wu/Hao, Wu and Sun. The Yang style, especially Tai Chi Chuan, is most popular in China and western countries today. Over time multiple style alterations and new forms developed, leading to the wide variety of Tai Chi forms existing today.



Tai Chi combines meditation and movement. It is mainly practiced for health reasons, but some styles focus more on the original martial aspect of it. Tai Chi is a set of slow gracefully flowing movements performed with awareness and conscious breathing. Each form consists of a sequence of postures, which gently flow into one another keeping the body in constant movement. This is also the main difference between Tai Chi and Qi Gong, which is practiced in a more static way. 


Tai Chi stimulates the Qi (energy) circulation in the body, which enhances vitality and health. Other positive effects include calming the mind and promoting tranquility, as well as connecting mind and body. Another benefit of Tai Chi exercise is the training of balance, fine-scale motor control and rhythm of movement and breathing. Health benefits achieved by regular practice include stress relief, release of muscle tension, improvement of poor posture, increase of metabolism, reduction of high blood pressure, improvement of arthritis and relief for sleep problems. Tai Chi has curing as well as a preventative effects.


Tai Chi is an integral part of my every day life and I highly recommend it to everybody. Once you experience the calming and rejuvenating effect as well as the joy of Tai Chi, you are going to ask for more.

Throughout my extensive martial arts training in Korea I learned various styles of Tai Chi, whereas Tai Chi Chuan is my favorite.

I am glad to help anybody interested in Tai Chi to experience it in a private session. This is also an ideal way to start for Tai Chi beginners. 

Tai Chi
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